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Pumehana Psychology

Branding, Collateral, Digital

Pumehana Psychology is a psychotherapy service in Hawaii run by Dr. Lisa Lee, PsyD. She is an LGBTQ+ Specialist and gives teletherapy to local LGBTQ+ and other individuals who are seeking services. 

Pumehana means "warm-hearted" or warm in Hawaiian. Dr. Lee wanted a brand identity that exuded the warm and caring greeting she extends to her clients. Heavily drawing inspiration from nature as a source of sustenance,  connection and growth, the brand identity represents a safe space where clients will be treated with the warmth and care that they deserve. 

Building on the meaning of warm-heartedness, the logo mark abstracts the process of growth in nature from the sun through photosynthesis. The round form and flowing lines together capture a chlorophyl cell absorbing warm sun rays, processing the energy to to grow and breathe new life. 

Textures and colors found in land, sea, and minerals inspire the imagery and photo treatment, working together to help audiences feel calm and grounded. Compositions with text and image interacting and overlapping show the revealing process of unraveling emotions, stories and insights that clients face during therapy. 

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