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Popo Tao Chili Crisp

Rebrand, Collateral, Digital

Lao Gan Ma (Chinese for “old godmother”) is a Chinese Chili Crisp product founded in 1996 by Godmother Tao Hua Bi. Lao Gan Ma’s current identity is in need of an update in order to stand out from its rapidly growing competition.

The resulting solution was a rebrand to help Lao Gan Ma stand out on the shelves and reaffirm its status as a fiery competitor in the chili crisp market.

The brand concept uses Lao Gan Ma’s powerful story as a unique selling point. She rose from a hard life in poverty and developed one of the first mass-produced chili crisps products, Despite all the new chili crisp products in the market, she is a fierce competitor with loyal fans in China and abroad. 


Referencing popular culture topics that embody boldness and competitive spirit, the final identity uses visual language and tone of voice inspired by arcade fighting games, presenting Lao Gan Ma as the OG Chili Crisp Champion!

To pay homage to the brand’s roots and founder Tao Hua Bi, the brand was renamed to “Popo Tao,” which is Chinese for Grandmother Tao. A slight twist from the current name “Old Godmother.”


Competitive arcade games such as Pacman and Tekken 5 inspired the use of bitmap squares for the logo and visual elements to breathe contemporary boldness and competitive spirit into the brand.